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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management, which is Medina's expertise, is a service given to those clients who wish to invest their money and let a professional portfolio manager make the decisions about the portfolio on their behalf. The portfolio manager will manage clients' portfolio by deciding the composition of funds in the portfolio and decide how the portfolio will be rebalanced to ensure that the clients have the best allocation of securities that maximises return while minimising volatility.


Discretionary Portfolio Management can be used by both private individuals and corporate investors. In fact, Medina does not only cater for High Net Worth Individuals and there is no limit on the minimum amount that can be invested. That being said, the more is invested, the more one will be able to reap the benefits gained from the diversification that can be implemented within the portfolio.

In order to fulfil one of Medina's promises to its clients, that of always putting them first, the annual fees charged are highly competitive. Additionally, they are mainly based on the portfolio's performance. This serves as an incentive for Medina to generate the highest returns possible to its clients, as if the performance benchmark is not surpassed, no performance fees will be charged.

When opting for this service, the client can either choose an Income Strategy or an Accumulator Strategy, depending on various factors such as age, investment objectives and other financial commitments. Furthermore, the portfolio is constructed according to the risk appetite of the client, which can range from cautious to aggressive.

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