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What is Execution Only Service?

The Execution Only Service, as its name implies, entails receiving orders from the client and executing them on his behalf. This is done without Medina giving any recommendations from its end.

Who can make use of Execution Only Service?

In light of the nature of this service and the absence of any suggestions from Medina, the execution only service is primarily aimed towards clients who are well informed and educated about investments and would like to invest according to their own personal knowledge without the need to seek professional advice from a financial adviser. These clients can be both private individuals or corporate investors.

What are the fees?

Clients opting for execution only service are charged fees based on the number of trades (i.e. buying and selling) that need to be executed, alongside an administration fee.

Additional Information

Although no advice is offered by Medina, factual information (data) such as share prices and market activity are given to the client upon request. A list of Execution Only funds is available both in income and accumulation of interest for clients to choose from as part of their portfolio strategy.



  • Execution of trades as per client's order, no questions asked nor recommendations given

  • The client must be financially literate and knowledgeable about investing to be eligible for this kind of service

  • Highly reasonable fees

  • Factual information presented upon request

  • Funds selected can satisfy both an Income Strategy or Accumulator Strategy.

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