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What is Advisory Service?


Advisory Service is when the client wants an analysis to be carried out on specific investment securities. These securities can either already form part of the client's current portfolio or they may be potential future undertakings. Medina will carry out fair and objective research to provide the client with a better picture on the specific investments in question.

Who can make use of the Advisory Service?

As previously outlined above, this service can be used by two varying types of clients:

  • The first type of client is one who is already invested in a particular security and approaches Medina to supply him with a recommendations report on whether to sell or hold the security, subject to the extensive review executed.

  • The second type of client is one who wishes to know more about the future prospects of a security which is not included in the client's existing portfolio, so to be able to decide whether an investment is worthwhile or not.

What are the fees?

Given that one client's request is not the same as another's, there is no set fee for such a service. However, Medina guarantees to always charge sensible fees to satisfy the client's objectives.



  • Unique research for specific investments securities

  • Securities under review can be either both current investments or potential investments

  • Fair and objective recommendations

  • Sensible fees

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