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How do I open an investment account?

  • Call at the office and an appointment will be immediately set up.

  • Send an email on [email protected] showing your interest in opening an account and an appointment will also be set up.

  • Register online through our Facebook Page or website in the given comment box, state that you would like to open an account and we will contact you with an appointment.



What is the minimum amount required to invest?


  • We recommend an amount of €50,000 to have the full portfolio; however, amounts below €50,000 are also accepted. 



What is the minimum time that I have to keep my money invested?


  • There is no time requirement to keep your money invested since the investments are very liquid and can be withdrawn within a 5-day notice at anytime that you wish.



Can I only invest a lump sum?


  • You can either invest a lump sum of money at anytime that you wish or invest sums of money on a regular basis such as monthly, quarterly or semi-annual.



What shall I do if I have a complaint?


  • Any complaints about the Company are to be submitted in writing, in the first instance, to the attention of "The CEO, Medina Asset Management Limited, 55, Level 2, Dawret ix-Xatt, Xghajra XJR 1201, Malta." The CEO of the Company is responsible for the complaints management function and shall deal with Client’s complaints reasonably, promptly, without charge and in accordance with the Company’s complaint handling policy and procedures. The details of the complaint handling process shall be made available on a durable medium. If the complaint is not ultimately handled to the satisfaction of the Client or a potential client after being dealt with according to the Company’s internal complaint handling procedures, then the Client or a potential client may subsequently refer his/her complaint to The Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services, First Floor, Pjazza San Kalcidonju, Floriana - FRN 1530. Further information may be obtained through the official website:, Freephone (local calls): 8007 2366 and Telephone: (356) 2124 9245.


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