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What are the services offered by Medina Asset Management?


  • Medina has 3 services namely Advisory Service, Discretionary Service and Execution Only Service. For a more detailed explanation on these services please click on "OUR SERVICES" tab.


Why should I trust Medina Asset Management with my money?


  • The directors of Medina will invest their financial assets in the same investments that will be offered to the clients. If an investment, fund or asset is not appropriate for the directors of the company, it will never be offered to any client.


Is my money capital guaranteed?


  • Medina will not invest your money in bank deposits but in the best available international funds that currently exist. This will minimise the overall risk of each individual portfolio. However, your portfolio will still be subject to the movement of the markets. Over time, both the bond and equity markets have produced positive returns for the investors. If investors would like higher returns than offered by bank deposits, they will need to accept some volatility in the bond and equity markets.


How secure is my money at Medina Asset Management?


  • Medina will not physically hold any clients' assets. Clients’ money will be invested in international funds that will have their own global custodian. Medina acts as an intermediary between the Investor and various product providers namely local and foreign reputable financial institutions, fund management companies and other licensed third parties. Medina doesn’t execute orders directly but transmits Investors’ orders to various third-party entities for execution. If specifically requested, Medina has in place arrangements with local credit institutions and stockbrokers, to place orders to trade on financial instruments. According to Medina, Bank of Valletta plc and Interactive Brokers LLC satisfies the aforementioned standards.


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